ANTISUN GREY Presents | A Brian Franklin News Report
1The New Site

7 years. That's how long it's been since my last post on I had big dreams for that site but life and general apathy got into the way. No more! Finally I'm back on track, with a new site and a new vision.

Keeping with the original intent of rivencrystal, Antisun Grey is focussed mainly on creative writing. I'll also spend time on story-related themes found in games, movies and life in general.

The site has 4 main areas:

1. The News Area

This is pretty much the main page. Here you'll find site updates, the current Season story and links to the latest content from all areas of the site.

2. Stories

This area is focussed on all of the stories, journal entries and poems on the site. Adventure and mystery await!

3. Rants

This area contains all of my rants. Lots of cussing where I feel like it, not a lot of research. Completely knee-jerk reactions to stuff unless otherwise noted!

4. Reviews

You'll be able to find all my reviews here, covering mainly entertainment content such as games and movies.

Now, Antisun Grey is a story in itself, and as such most elements will be working towards furthering the over-arching narrative, or the universe that the narrative inhabits. This narrative will be split up into Seasons, with the current Season being always accessible at the top of the News Area.

New content will be added to the site throughout the month - every week (barring interruptions from life) you can expect to see something new. So check back often!


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